workshops for women entitled “Cleanliness”

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Tajdid Iraq Foundation as the formal partner for (UNFPA) hold a recreational workshops for women entitled “Cleanliness” in Bzaebiz center in Baghdad on January 7th, 2017 The session focused on many steps such as: making the participants know the meaning of “cleanliness”, the basic rules of cleanliness, as well as the participants, the volunteers and the social workers participated in the session by giving their opinion and they stressed on the necessity of taking the public places and public gardens cleanliness in consideration because it belong to everyone, the session also emphasize on a few advices to improve the children immunities through explain the importance of breast feeding ,the necessity of sun exposure and going outside, as well as the session stressed on the necessity of people should not increase in using antibiotics. The participants did an interactive participations in the session by presenting. a questionnaire and evaluation.

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